Reclaiming Waste

Reclaiming Waste is a cycle of academic, cultural, public events, and initiatives coordinated by IFAS-Research and the cultural department of the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS), in collaboration with their local partners, and with the support of the Institut français Paris (IF Paris).

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In February 2022, the book Bekezela. Reclaimers of Johannesburg/ Recycleurs de Johannesbourg, was conceived and published by the French Institute of South Africa. It is based on the portrait series “Reclaimers of Johannesburg” by Mark Lewis, in an edition enriched with several texts  — for example a preface by sociologist Melanie Samson (University of Johannesburg) and a foreword by the photographer. The book is available in digital format here.

What can you do ?

Download this comprehensive pamphlet about informal recycling to better understand how to play your part in recycling.